Jill Stein isn’t Anti-Vaxx, She’s Anti-Capitalist
James Knox-Davies

Hey, interesting article.

As a scientist, I am glad to hear that Jill Stein is not against vaccination, a stance I have a lot of problems with. That position is undefendable.

When it comes to her stance against corporate capitalism, I can understand. However, if we talk about facts, one clear fact smashes in our face: Communism as an economic ideology did not work. Communism as a political idea was devastating for the people; think about China’s cultural revolution; think about North Korea; foremost think about the genocide in Cambodia.

So the solution to solve problems created by capitalism can not be exchanging it for communism. Capitalism as a driver of political meritocratic democracies made a lot of our world better in the last century, but that does not mean that we can rest locked in this ideology either.

Many smart people, even some economists, believe that unrestricted capitalism is a danger, and strong goverments built by social democracies should regulate this beast, like we have seen in previously in social-democatic Europe, with many European countries holding the highest living standards, most equal and just societies, leading the happiness-index… all product of taming a capitalistic beast.

However, these times are past now as well; if these solutions to tame capitalism would have been effective, maybe they would have sustained shifting economic realities and globalisation.

In 2–3 decades, 85% of all jobs will be lost due to automation and artificial intelligence doing everything better and faster than humans could. Does capitalism in a world like this still make sense? I am all for meritocracy (if people work more, they should have more), but does this system make sense once there will be no need for human work?

I do not have the answers, but I am sure that the answers can not be more capitalism or revert back to communism.

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