Science Is Never Perfect
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

I agree with most what you have said, I do not like the title: Science is never perfect. Makes it sound like there is something wrong with science. Or that science does not aspire to approximate truth as close as possible. Even worse, if you say science is never perfect, it sounds like we can discard it when its unwelcome, or take everything it encompasses with a huge grain of salt when its results demand us to act differently. At least people only reading the headline will use this as a takeaway message.

Scientists are not perfect. Individual experiments are not perfect. Whole studies can rarely be perfect.

That’s why we have the scientific method, a self-correcting algorithm, whose fruits allow me to have perfect knowledge about the impossibility of monks flying in tibet by the power of their will, no matter how many gullibles claim that have witnessed such a thing. Sorry, gravity works in tibet the same way it does anywhere else on earth.

Among other things, science is perfect for discarding ludicrous claims. Maybe not always, but certainly not never.