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This article is asking people to look fir themselves. I have a large body of references to articles and my study of this issue

Okay, maybe as a scientist I can give you and others participating in this discussion a very easy guideline.

You don’t need to be an expert to think that experts are right, but you do need to be an expert to think that they are wrong.

So the real question is, are you an expert, John the TIB?

Anytime that an argument requires you to think that the entire scientific community is hopelessly stupid, ignorant, incompetent, etc. you should be extremely skeptical. Scientists aren’t stupid, and if you think you have found something simple and obvious that all of them have missed, you are almost certainly wrong. It is the epitome of arrogance to think that a few minutes or even hours on Google have endowed you with a better understanding of science than the collective scientific community gained through countless years of training and experience.

So since you are not an expert (climate scientist), from what I gather from your article histories, your comment here is just showcasing your arrogance and ignorance on the specific topic and science in general.

I’d kindly ask you to reconsider your position, or become a climate scientist, do the experiments, gather the data and provide sufficient evidence to change the scientific consensus on the issue.

There is literally no other option for a well-meaning and rational person; if you still want to hold on to your belief or stick with your opinion, know this:

You are only entitled to your well-informed opinion, nobody is entitled to their ignorance.

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