Isn’t this what philosophy is all about, though: making a living off of theorizing all day long…
Willi Kampmann

Thank you for elaborately explaining to the original poster that his post has no rational substance, I just wanted to second that.

I was really disappointed, at first I thought this article might contain some psychological insights or studies why some people do not feel as compelled to believe in anything when there is no evidence for it.

Instead, it was about a whacky bullshit comparison of 100 year-dead’s pseudoscientific metaphors and an even more ludicrous “Christian” psychologist who takes them for full in order to charge an assault on atheism as if it was no better than theism.

I am not a trained armchair philosopher, I am a scientist, but even I can come up with a better social science-based explanatory framework for why humans created god than those dimwit closet theologians.

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