The Leftist Case for Clinton
Milo Beckman

Very well phrased article and thank you for putting in so much work and research.

I believe that most people who are able to think critically will appreciate. People who do not vote for Hillary when it is her against Trump, no matter if left or right, are severely ignorant and full of shit. And mostly too blind to see it or too cowardly to admit it.

I am ultra progressive leftish transhumanist (at least people discribe me like that, I do not like putting people into boxes), and for me it was never a question that Hillary is the best candidate today considering the whole population. Even though there is a transhumanist presidental candidate (Zoltan Isthvan) who’s agenda is way more in line with what I truly believe to be important, you cannot built utopia in one day. One has to take the route of incremental progress or you risk tyranny and dystopia.

Consider how science works. Although sensational reporting talks about “breakthroughs” and “once-in-a-lifetime discoveries”, this is not how science works. Science is a castle built of bricks, and it is only standing so successfully because it has been built one stone at a time. Even “breakthroughs” have been years in the making, waiting patiently for the knowledge, technology, timing and people to come together to finally make a little leap forward. This is very much how progressive politics work too.

Look at Obama administration, years of trying (even before his time) to incrementally improve LGTBQ rights, or find a climate change agreement finally let to the “breakthrough” agreements. One has to built and reform what is already there, while most dilusional BernieBros or Trump supporters rather burn everything down with no regard of the consequences for people’s everyday life.

If history is a lesson, they should have known by now that this approachs has been tried over and over again; the ultra right winger Nazi wanted to built their “German Reich” utopia full of superhumans, and the ultra left winger Khmer Communists “equalized” Cambodia in the biggest endemic genocide ever.

But most people are not rational. They do not understand the most important question every smart person has to ask themselves: “What happens if I am wrong?”

If your only solution to change a system is to burn it down and rebuilt it from scratch, then maybe you are not smart enough to do so. Changing a system is way easier than rebuilding it. If you fail to bring workable solutions even to these easier questions, please stop thinking you know how a system should be build in the first place.

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