If we take an evidence-based approach to looking at this issue, we see that, according to 2016 Pew…
Benjamin T. Awesome

You sure seem like a very smart guy andgood devils advocate.

It is very easy to criticize things, especially old systems that do not work any more and need an update. I am not denying there are problems in the way science is run at the moment, even quite severe problems, we both seem to agree that neither science nor scientists are the demons in the room. It is inequality of power, be it financial, political or otherwise.

Yet when I read your words, it sounds like all hope is lost unless we burn down everything and hope something better will rise from the ashes. Which I can emphasize with, after all you as an American are experiencing the decline of an empire currently and only see how things come apart or get destroyed by ignorant idiots. In your position I’d be madly angry and extreme too about these issues. Please excuse my presumption.

I just happen to have the luxery to see things more globally which can be a boost for optimism and hope. For example, I know as a fact, that for every problem out there, there exists a set of people willing to tackle them.

I tell people that I think everybody (including myself) is an ignorant idiot, without exception, about most things, most of the time. And only some people are less idiotic about a small amount of issues some of the time. These are the people we need to put in charge of whatever subject they are not idiots in. Which is tricky, no doubt, because we are idiots (about most subjects) we have trouble identifying people who are actually competent.

My point is, while it is good to think critically and criticize things that do not go right, it is not the endpoint, but the start for working on better solutions. And burning everything down is a dangerous fantasy but not an implementable solution for change.

Try to get less ignorant about something by studing it for years/decades and convince people to join you on your quest or put you in charge. This is what scientists do, after all.

I would urge you to come up with solutions to all the problems you have implicated, as an intellectual challenge, but also because this is the only way how things could ever turn for the better. Just know, that out there, there are many many more good people who would be happy to work for a better world for everybody. If they just knew what to do or where to start.