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Business owners are always looking for the cheapest solutions to get the most bang for their advertising buck. These days, low costs advertising is at a premium. Running ad campaigns can be incredibly expensive. Some businesses like to either supplement advertising with low-cost ways or even just live completely from low-cost advertising methods.

No matter which way suits your business, you need to know how to find that lower cost advertising so that you have the option.

Create Viral Content: This is always one of the most popular low-cost advertising methods discussed. But here’s the thing — it isn’t always low-cost. Some viral videos can cost a lot of money in production and post-production. Not all viral content is low-cost, in other words. So first things first: figure out creative ideas which lend themself to very little overhead. Your ideas should be something you can do in-house with equipment you already own. iPhones have great video cameras. In order to make something viral, you really need a launching point. Maybe your employees would be kind enough to share on their own social media?

Give Speeches: Speeches are the newest, trendiest way to spread the word about your product. If you are in the web design business, you might want to look for venues, trade shows, and ask them if they need free speakers. This will help brand your business. There is also the Ted X option if your industry expertise is that interesting.

Attend a Forum: Forums can be costly, between hotel, flights, and buying passes. However, some forums may be in your area. Some may have networking events which don’t even require passes, such as happy hours. If you are savvy, you can find opportunity to spread the word about your business this way.

Give Employees, Clients, Customers some swag: Do your employees love working for you? Do your clients and customers enjoy your services and products? If so, they might be willing to wear some shirts with your brand on them, or even drink their coffee from your brand’s mugs. Often times, T-Shirts and coffee mugs can be created on the cheap, particularly using one of the many Internet resources, such as Cafepress.com.

Branding and advertising can be a costly venture, so learning how to take less of a financial hit is the essence of savvy, affordable marketing.

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