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Public speaking can be a terrifying endeavor for almost every business executive. Most likely, as a company leader, you will be faced with a public speaking scenario at some juncture. Even if that just means addressing the company at the Holiday party, it is no less an important and stressful event than speaking at a business engagement.

At Check Issuing, we attend seminars and have even been known to sit on seminar panels related to third-party check writing services. Typically, panel members must address the audience to start.

For me, that can be frightening stuff. But it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of ways to get over the fear. Nerves are a good thing, but not when they make you feel as if you are quickly dying. So how do we improve our ability to get over public speaking anxiety?


Make sure your speech is organized. Put your thoughts down in an orderly fashion on some sort of documentation. This will give you peace of mind. Part of anxiety is the feeling of unpreparedness. While you don’t want to be reading from a sheet of paper, just knowing you can look down if you are in a tough spot should relieve some anxiety.


Practice makes perfect, right? Practicing will make you feel more confident and confidence will make you feel more comfortable. The better you become at something, the less fear you will have in performing it in front of an audience. So practice, practice, practice…


Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. Even top professional athletes have to work on their breathing. Breathing is hard. Anxiety can make it even harder. Practice breathing while practicing your speech. Breathing will relax you and help your inflection.


Ask a friend to come listen to your speech. While one or two people isn’t an audience of strangers, it will help replicate the upcoming situation for you. And hey, that should make you feel even more prepared!

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