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If you have a business (and I assume you do considering you are reading this article) then you need to have a business plan. And not just a plan that is buried inside the spectacular and impressive chambers of your brain. It should be written out. You might need funding. You might want a loan. You might be considering a new partner. There are too many cases to list as to why it is important to have a written business plan on hand.

But how does one write a “business plan,” per se? Believe it or not, many business owners have no idea because they built a business completely off the cuff and sans the traditional methods. But as growth occurred, that need for a business plan increased.

Here is a quick guide:

Executive Summary: This is a quick description of the overall synopsis of your business.

Company Description: You need to give some detail here. What does your business actually do?

Market Analysis: In this section, you should present the reader with market specifics. Where does your business fit in terms of the market? Maybe put in some general thoughts on trends about your industry or vertical.

Executive Chain: Who does what and where? Who is CEO and who is CFO? This should detail how your company is structured in terms of the executives who run it.

Product or service offered: What is the bread and butter of the company? If you offer a service, what is it? If you offer a product, what’s it called and how does it work?

Projections: How much money do you anticipate the company making in six months, a year, and maybe even five years.

The best thing you can do when it comes to writing a coherent business plan is to read other business plan samples, which are readily available via Google searches. You must also get a handle on your finances, which any good CFO or even accountant should be able to help you with. You should also have a clear grasp over your company’s overall marketing plan.

Writing a business plan can be an eye-opening event. Often times, it can lead a CEO to become a bit introspective. A business plan can at times, lay out some dirty laundry.

It never hurts to have one on file.

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