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At Check Issuing, we are the backbone of accounts payable departments for lots of startups. This is because we are reliable, knowledgeable and structurally, we are more than competent in the field. Our decades of merchant banking experience combined with our savvy marketing help us grow our Check Writing service business.

But it wasn’t always THAT easy. In fact, starting out is definitely the most difficult part. It is much more difficult to get momentum from zero than it is to get momentum when you are already in motion.

You have the service and you know it is great. You have the personnel to help see through your services for clients. But, you don’t have clients, and that’s the issue. So how do you attract clients from starting at speed zero?

First, you really need to be an expert at what you do. You should be an authority in your field. And that’s the initial message you should spread when you advertise or network at cocktail events. Look for any speaking engagements that might allow you to speak and help others. Build up your reputation as an expert in the field of what you do. For a small business to outsource, they must first trust you. They want to know that you are a top expert in your field. With Check Issuing, we came into the business of check writing and accounts payable with a wealth of expertise in the matter. We attended trade shows and networked. We wrote articles on the matter. We proved our worth and value.

Make sure that your branding is consistent all the way from your voice, through your marketing and even down to your social media. Show consistency in your appeal. Make sure your website is up to snuff. After people meet you, or read an article you wrote or leave an event they attended whereas you spoke, they are sure to look you up on Google and Facebook. Make sure that what they find is just as professional, respected and well-groomed as you are. Make sure that the website shows a wealth of information over your vertical. Make sure your Facebook isn’t just sharing cat memes, but instead, is posting about relevant topics.

Build reputation by logging your happy clients. Once you’ve built a list of just a few clients, ask them to recommend you on LinkedIn. Ask them if you can post their review of your service on your website and social media. The early stages of a business is not the time to suddenly become shy. Brag a little, educate a lot, always be exploring opportunities.

Make sure you highlight your best qualities. What niche within the niche is something you are amazing at? Does your service offer something unique and relevant to the industry? Highlight any items which may separate you from the herd of competition. Just starting out can be difficult, but if done correctly, it can be the most valuable time of your business’s genesis.

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