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Did you know that Check Fraud artist turned FBI Check Fraud saver Frank Abagnale, is considered one of America’s biggest con men in history. It is baffling to consider, but if you’ve seen the movie, Catch Me If You Can starring Leonardo DiCaprio, you likely have a semblance of an idea why.

Abagnale relied on his high-brow intellectualism and warm, attractive personality to scam people and businesses out of $2.5 million. That sounds like a lot of money, sure, but that was a load of money back in the 1960s, when Abagnale spent five years defrauding and fleecing America.

Abagnale committed his first act of fraud as a young boy. He used his father’s gas card to purchase car parts, which he then sold back to the gas station for a lower price. Of course his father would end up paying for that fraud and Frank would move on to bigger and better eventual masterpieces.

Abagnale famously printed his own checks to pull off a great portion of his fraud. He completely exploited the check disbursement business with his uncanny attention to detail. In the movie, this man was a super hero of sorts, but really, he was a burden on real humans and real businesses. His exploitation revealed the dire consequences of check fraud.

Ah, check fraud, remember that stuff? You might be thinking, “but hey, I don’t write checks anymore, only my grandma does,” in which case you might be correct (I am pretty sure I was behind your grandmother at Ralph’s the other day). But what you would be missing in such a narrow perspective is that check fraud also occurs at the business level. Yep, businesses have to write checks and that puts them at risk for Frank Abagnale. Ok, he’s turned into a good guy, but surely there are a great many guys and gals just like him trying to intercept checks from businesses.

At Check Issuing, we protect businesses from Check Fraud and Leonardo DiCaprio in general (well we just recommend you watch specific movies of his or maybe some old Family Ties). Our checks are state of the art, impenetrable, super amazing checks that help protect from fraud. Our checks work WITH banks to assure they are legit when they are presented. Our envelopes are more difficult to see through than a bad Chinese restaurants cloudy soup special.

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