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You think it is impossible, but it is not. Very successful individuals make it first priority on the weekend to indulge in healthy activities and get a little R&R. Recharge your battery for the upcoming week. I know we are not robots, but let’s be honest here, sometimes it feels that way. I know, I know, much easier said than done. Some of us may have to do some work on the weekend and some of us have kids. Think about the following and try to adopt these ways into your weekend lifestyle. Hey you never know, you might actually find happiness AND balance.

Keeping Family At Heart

Do you live in your house and just know that you are never present? Welcome to the club. Sometimes our work and responsibilities consume us and we get locked into pretty much everything BUT family. Try to get some time in with your spouse, loved ones, kids and fur babies on the weekend. You are not just roommates and in college. Engage in conversation and hey maybe even combine a healthy activity as a way to spend time together.

Exercise and Physical Activity

I bet you are thinking “I don’t have the time”. Well you do. I know that excuse, actually, I invented that excuse. You DO have the time on weekends. Get outside and breathe in some fresh air. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, take a dip in the pool and stretch out. If you don’t you are greatly missing out. Plus being outdoors can really get your intellectual and creative juices flowing. It doesn’t hurt to look good too. Exercise can help us look and feel great!

The Dreaded Chores

Prioritize what really need to get done as far as chores go. Schedule slots of time on different weekends for chores. Don’t just go right into another “work-like” situation on days off. Of course you can’t ignore chores and responsibilities, but find a balance so you don’t end up miserable.

It’s Ok To Not Be Accessible 24/7

This one is tough to do, especially in today’s world. Free yourself for the weekend. Unplug from electronics just a little bit. Most online businesses make this tough because the internet never sleeps. But maybe check in a little less. Do small increments of time to check emails and messages. This way you can squeeze in that much needed R&R to conquer your upcoming week.

You can work hard and live life too. It is a true possibility. Happy Friday!

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