#ArtistTalk : Battle of the Young-Guns “Xabir Vs Sagar”

When it comes to employ and grow young talents, “M” always prefers hard-working juvenile souls to grow within the team. As #TeamCheckmate Artists are there always adored by the clients, this time rapid-fire question answer round is with the Asst. Photographers emerged from interns Xabir F Zaman & Shuvro Sagar. They are the tingling torpedo among the team with consistent howler from team seniors, a 10 question session focuses how the un-cut talents furnishing into one of the promising ones in the industry.

Xabir F Zaman & Shuvro Sagar (Assistant Photographer, Checkmate Events)

Q. How you started photography?

Xabir : In 2013, I started with Nature Photography. Nokia 7610, 1.3 MP was my 1st camera. Water surface symmetry, Sunset-Sunrise shots, Street Photography is the first ones I have started taking photos. I always wanted to take more photos, addiction it have become so I took a digital camera Samsung ES95, 16MP. At that time I had one of my friend who had a camera Sony Cyber-shot W512. Sometime’s I used it too! My 1st Exhibition was 22nd June 2014, in Rajuk Uttara Model High School & College. Well the photograph that was exhibited, the day I snapped it, my camera got broken. Then I had an exile period where I had no camera. My next exhibition was at ACCPC in July 2014. But I couldn’t control light through digital camera as per my requirement so I bought a Canon 1100D on 1st October 2014 equipped with 18–55. Later I had to sell it. Currently I am using a Canon 60D with 50mm STM and a wide lens. 
 Sagar : From 2014 November, I rented 60D from a local elder brother (500tk rent for body & lens). There was a bike show in Hawdi by Hunt Riderz Group, I attended where I saw camera with almost all people. I used to shot in Av mode then (No idea of M Mode). My Friends carried 600D at that time. With my friends I shot a Mute Short Film in 2015 January at Bashundhara Riverview. For the 1st time I Went to SS camera to rent the 24–70mm lens. To me then it was like a warehouse of gear and gadget. I was mesmerised. In 2015 May, I bought the camera now I am using 7D. A small history is attached with the purchase. My elder sister was studying journalism then, I gave a speech that she needs a camera (Which I actually required) a minimum of canon 60D. In the morning my father allocated the money. When I was at the camera shop there were 3 to choose from and I chose 7D! Started doing photography with 28–90 lens (Rented from local brotherhood), took 500tk for Apugraphy! Saved 22ooo through shoots and then bought a prime lens. I had 5 classes at Basic Course in Paathshala, 2 classes by Tanvir Murad Topu Bhai ignited the fire into me for photography.

Q. How long doing photography?

Sagar : For the past 2 years. I have covered 4 bike shows till date. My photos were uploaded in Bike pages inspired me. Also my Single Photoshoots were awarded in the form of profile picture and cover photo upload by my respective clients. Professionally from October 2016 with #TeamCheckmate (My first!).

Xabir : It’s been 4 years already! No no, I’m just 20 years! as I have started at a tender age. Professionally with #TeamCheckmate (My 1st and Only Employment) from July 2016.

Q. Why choose wedding photography?

Xabir : Wedding is a side where I can put all my photography knowledge I can use. Obviously money is related. Photography is expensive habit. Investment is a must.

Sagar : Reflection photos attracts me most. Rahul bhai told me to join and MI Anik pushed me. MR Rana’s lens attracted me to become a wedding photographer.

Q. How long you have worked with checkmate?

Xabir : 7 Months ongoing. 55+ Shoots already done.

Sagar : 5 months. 25+ Wedding Shoots completed.

Q. Let us know two experience of yours? One best and one worst?

Sagar : I only knew how to hold a camera to be precise #TeamCheckmate taught me how to use it. It gave me the best feeling ever. I struggled with learnt light balance which I am learning with them. Well to be honest, “M” bhai shouts sometimes when I am wrong. (Gives me scare!!!)

Xabir : Proper educational platform to become a Wedding Photographer. There is always solution to any problems, I mean how they do these things amaze me! Well sometimes, rude behaviours from program guests hurt me!

Q. How is the environment for intern in #TeamCheckmate?
 Xabir : I had a 3 months intern period here. If somebody possess zero knowledge about Wedding Photography, Checkmate is his / her ultimate savior. Every small things count here. Lighting / framing related issue, seniors always came with solution when I have worked with them. Every senior came to me, and asked what’s the actual problem i am facing. As I did photography but never did event photography, I struggled initially and still taking time to upgrade my skills. Not to mention apart from our Creative Coach, AA Bhai & RJ Bhai helped very much.

Sagar : I had a 3 months intern period. I knew nothing about event photography and possessed very small knowledge regarding my own gear. In Checkmate I learnt how to operate the camera. Also Proper introduction about communicating with clients and photography related education I achieved here. I still remember I received Conveyance in my intern period which I didn’t expected.

Q. What’s your Favourite focal length?

Sagar : 85mm which I don’t own right now. But I have stiff plans to upgrade my lens system as soon as possible.

Xabir : 85mm. A perfect focal length to me, which is not much wide or excessive zoom gives me a comfort zone.

Q. What’s your Strength as a Photographer?

Sagar : I can move very fast both in the event and around (P.S: I have a bike which helps me move very fast).

Xabir : I am comfortable in calculative work, analytically I can develop myself I believe. I can sense how a photograph can be made 15–20 seconds earlier it actually happens ( I can prove I swear!!!).

Q. Where you want to see yourself in 2 years?

Sagar : I want to be a WPPB General Member. “M” Bhai is associated with WPPB for the past couple of years and unlike any photographer in Bangladesh, I want to be a part of it. Professionally I want to be Senior Photographer of Checkmate Events. AA Shoikot Bhai & Rakib Jibon Bhai are my direct inspirations to achieve my dream.
 Xabir : I want to be an accomplished photographer who have superb composition skills. It’s a challenge to myself. I have to make it possible by any means.

Q. What inspires you working with #TeamCheckmate?

Xabir : #TeamCheckmate this hashtag creates an insatiable goose-bump to me. I am so lucky to be a part of this amazing team. After my HSC exam came to an end, I immediately rushed to Amin Bhai to ask if there is any possible vacancy. The proud feel and deep connection is the source of inspiration within #TeamCheckmate. 
Sagar : One Goal for me, my photograph will be in Checkmate Events Official Page. Sooner or later I’ll achieve my inspiration. And one point definitely not to be missed, the team! (My source of ultimate inspiration)

Artist Info

Xabir F Zaman
20 Years
Assistant Photographer, Checkmate Events

Shuvro Sagar
21 Years
Assistant Photographer, Checkmate Events

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