#ArtistTalk : Rapid fire Round “MI ANIK”

Our Clients Love to bond with #TeamCheckmate Artists. After covering up 1700+ Wedding Photography Events as a team for the last 5 years, we arranged a rapid-fire question answer round with our artists. A 10 question session to let know the inner them curated by our Creative Coach, “M”. Round 1 here we go. MI says,

Q. How you started Photography?
 > Well to be honest at first I wanted to be famous by taking portraits. Wedding Photography was not at all my agenda. Apart from it, I have been always a big fan of Cell Phone Photography. A Sony Ericsson Xperia S Of Elder Brother Pushed me towards Photography in my early days.

Q. How long you have been doing Photography?
 > Since 2013. 1st Camera Nikon D3100. Now I have shifted to Canon.

Q. Why You Joined Checkmate?
 > One of my friend persuaded me to join Checkmate Events which I didn’t knew earlier. I felt I that I was doing Photography and required an upgrade to develop Photography Skill. So After completing my HSC exams I joined Checkmate as an intern in November 10, 2015.

Q. Why Choose Wedding Photography?
 > After meeting checkmate team, the urge to wedding photography appeared to me. It was a new segment and I had zero knowledge about covering a wedding event. With the help of Team Seniors and never ending shouts! To face a challenge have been always fascinating to me. Thus to keep photography in practice too, here I am in Wedding Photography.
Q. How long you have worked with Checkmate Events?
 > 14 Months approx. 150+ Wedding shots. 
 Q. Favourite Focal Length?
 > 17mm for wide. 85mm prime
 Q. What are your strengths as a photographer? 
 > Work rate I believe. There is still work to be done to become a pro photographer but I bet I can feel what my clients actually want from me. Hence till today zero client complains is a definite strength. 
 Q. What you want to see yourself within 2 years?
 > I want to be a portrait photographer. I have always looked forward to the senior portrait photographers of #TeamCheckmate. I’m taking time to adopt as I believe I am 
 Q. What extra duties you are assigned with?
 > I am acting as team co-ordinator of #TeamCheckmate. Also in charge of Customer Service Department. 
Q. What inspires you working with #TeamCheckmate?
 > The unity among us. Team Theory have kept me glued with the system. When I feel down, my team-mates keep me motivated. There is always answer to any question. There is a fair competition among us so there is room for improvement which keeps me running towards my goal.

Artist Info

Mazharul Islam Anik
21 Years
Associate Photographer & Account Executive

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