Introducing “ Tales of a Signature™ ”

Weddings are all about stories. Two families come together in a point to share their common love, yes I’m talking about the most precious jewels of both families, The Bride & The Groom. After experiencing a lot of weddings as a photographer for the past 6 years, now I have a feel that time has come to unfold some of the greatest classics I have experienced. There will be a mixture of newest love tales blended with some never to forget ones I have covered.

M Aminur Rahman ; Photographed by AA Shoikot

Well it’s kind of tough to be a story-teller being a commercial wedding photographer but thats the point of challenging myself! Let’s hope the stories unfold in a catchy manner everyone accepts the style of my story-telling. Under the banner of Checkmate Events, I’ll be sharing a weekly issue of #Tales_Of_A_Signature.

Can’t wait to share the very first “Tales of a Signature™”

M Aminur Rahman
Dhaka, 16th March, 2017.

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