July 2017 Bride, Groom & Couples of Checkmate™ (Part 1)

After the Eid Holiday’s 2017 we dropped into contention with our regular shoots just after the vacation. With 20+ shoots by the 1st week of July here we present some of the favorites of July 2017 Bride, Groom & Couples by Checkmate™

Promi Akth by Rakib Jibon
Photographer : AA Shoikot
Tasfia Akth by AA Shoikot
Farzana Holud by AA Shoikot
Photographer Quazy Akif
Novo & Faria Holud By M Aminur Rahman
Rono Holud by AA Shoikot
Abida Wedding by Quazy Akif
Kaykasha Wedding by M Aminur Rahman
Iqbal Antora Engagement by AA Shoikot


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