Tales of a Signature™ : Nabeelah

It was 2015, we both were going through breakups, doing job in different places and met through a colleague. He was 130 KG then! For an arrange marriage type of scenario, rejection was on the way!

I was not attracted to him. Out of the blue, we received a marriage proposal from Siam’s sometime after we got introduced to each other. As I mentioned earlier, rejection awaits! And viola! it happened. Then he disappeared from my life for about some months. I used to work at Bangla-Link then, my office was at Mohakhali, one afternoon Siam called and told me to come downstairs! I met a changed human being, 46KG reduced with a Toyota Chaser Car! He bought the car, before showing it to anyone, he came to meet me.

We dated for 10 months and again Siam sent proposal. Again rejected, My mom had some certain criteria as she loved me a lot. In some points he was doing catch up with those criteria. My family is a free spirited family, I have lost my father in 2009 BDR incident, we had seen dark times. It was only three of us Ammu, Me and Shama (My Younger Sister) so Ammu was a bit cautious about my marriage. My khalu, Mr. Manzurul Islam, Professor English Department, University of Dhaka was a key influencer to us. Somehow the matchmaking between us was not going smooth.

In November 2015, we were jogging in Dhaka Cantt. area, Siam suddenly proposed me can we get married? Well we were drinking coconut water then, Sharafat Uncle (Batch-mate of Abbu in Bangladesh Army) was very close to my family, Siam’s family went to meet Sharafat Uncle straight after he proposed and we got married 13th November 2015.

I told Ammu the day after, 14th November and then some tough days were ahead. It was difficult for Ammu to think that I will be married, there were fuss between us but eventually love won. 14th February 2016, Valentines Day, Siam came to meet Ammu with flowers and a cotton saree, finally managed Ammu. Two family met April 2016 at Topkapi. There were ups and downs during the wedding talks, also some jeopardy fixing the wedding date finally it was March-April 2017 the final dates were fixed.

Between us, it’s always opposite attracts! He’s a stable person, can take the same meal day after day. A very loyal person he is. I have gone through a lot in my life, gone through incidents which have made me stronger. I can’t harm to anyone, always try to be kind so he is. I am comfortable with situations and Siam believes in me. He has changed, became progressive minded as we have progressed through our relation. He is a good soul, takes positives from me. We have things in common, we run together!

It’s his Birthday Today and Mother’s day too. All I want to say to Siam & Ammu, I Love You.”

Nabeelah Enayet
May, 2017

Tales of a Signature™ is a Storytelling Series, Interview & Curation by “M” Aminur Rahman, Creative Coach, Checkmate (R).

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