Zaanse Schans : The Windmill Country

Amsterdam, the city I left a part of mine. That 48 hour roaming in the allies of the city with a hint of countryside hopping made the mark in me. Before starting off the Euro Trip 2018 a must visit destination was to be this gorgeous county situated some kilometres away from the capital.

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Zaanse Schans is a neighbourhood in the Dutch town of Zaandam, near Amsterdam. Historic windmills and distinctive green wooden houses were relocated here to recreate the look of an 18th/19th-century village. The Zaanse Museum has regional costumes, model windmills and interactive exhibits on chocolate making. Artisan workshops demonstrate rare handicrafts such as wooden clog carving, barrel making and pewter casting.

A Joyful festive mood around the county blends with peace

We started our journey from Amsterdam Central bus no. 23 to be precise. A 13€ per person ticket (both way) took us to the heavenly beauty of Zaandam. After some minutes we’re in the highway on the way to Zaanse Schans. The lush green countryside sweetened our wait to see windmills for the 1st time in our life. Yes the excitement level was high!

A Roam Around with foods to taste! What more can be offered?
From 2 Euro to a handful of options, we opted for mostly sweet treat to crave our sweet tooth. Can’t resist the soft cone or the 10.99 Euro Dutch Pancake [Eggjam & whipped cream toppings]. Let me tell you if you are at Netherlands, don’t leave the country without having Dutch Pancakes!
There are several museums here and there in the place
There are several museums here and there in the place

For Dutch people, cycling is a lifestyle. Their whole ecosystem is made over bi-cycle transportation. The city Amsterdam now has active 600,000 bicycles in the city and have separate lane for cycles. No wonder they have opted a healthy choice of living. Zaanse Shans is no exception. Regular bike riders were seen roaming around the place.

Transportation Method : Do Cycling!

From a distance you can already see the sails of the windmills slowly turning, with extensive meadows in the background. It’s a serene image, but hard work is going on inside the mills. The creaking, toiling wood and all moving parts in the belly of the building make up an imposing spectacle in which wood is sawn, or oil, flour, spices and pigments are milled. Climb up to the deck of the mill via the narrow stairs, enjoy a beautiful panorama and see how the industry developed in the wider area.

The Colourful Windmills are an instant mood changer!

Well we didn’t miss out photo shooting ourselves in the beautiful landscape. Well I caught an aeroplane over my wifey’s head, Schiphol Airport is not far away from the spot!

A Memorable afternoon with windmills, green, pancakes, a company and lots of memories. You’ll always be remembered Windmill Country.

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