Twin Souls

In the ancient of days, lost in time.

Memories of Trees, Seasons past in endless flow

Green upon Gold, Dust upon Ice.

A song of Ice and fire, A prophecy foretold!

A prophecy told is how their song went!

With silent whispers, they sang and wept

Lost in the forest, forgotten yet remembered

In the torrents of rain, their fires were felt.

A delicious sympathy is how the song went.

A song of Ice and fire was how their love felt.

To whispering trees, they sang a lament

Sunshine and moonlight, Light kissed darkness

No ears listening, they sang on and on!

The seasons passing Joys with the rise of each new day,

Like a lily in the valleys, was the chant of her laughter

A song of Ice and Fire, was the chant she said!

Silent he became, hushed was his mood

Lost in love he stumbled and fell

Gasping in awe, as the snow she did melt

Reaching out her hand touched his feet,

Like the current, it flowed from heart to head

Tis how the song went, the Twin soul abode.

Tis a Song of Ice and Fire, They felt resting that Night