Our Mission Is Yours

Life gets busy and before you know it you’re in survival-mode trudging from Monday to Friday to get to the weekend. It’s a shame when things get like this because each day is an opportunity to do something new or to do something you’ve been meaning to.

What’s the biggest reason you don’t complete things you set out to? Nope, it’s not because you forget. A lot of tools, apps and systems are built around this idea that organization and writing things down will help you to get stuff done. Reminders and to-do lists are all designed for this. Really though, the number one thing that prevents you from doing something is not having enough motivation to do it.

Well duh. If you’re not motivated to do something you won’t do it. You’re often motivated enough to write something down, but not enough to see it through. So if that’s the case, then how come writing things down at work or at school helps you to do things, but isn’t as effective when you get home? There’s a simple answer for that: social motivation. You’re not motivated by the lists you make at school or work, you’re motivated by the impact your actions will have on those around you: your co-workers, parents, teachers and peers. When you want to do things outside of these social circles, you’re far less likely to complete them even if they’re listed.

Checkverse was built specifically to tackle this problem. It was designed to help you accomplish the things you want to by making it easy and fun to share your accomplishments with others. Currently Checkverse let’s you share these accomplishments by snapping photos as you complete them. This proof is shared with your followers (likely friends and family). They can comment-on, like or even complete the same thing! This builds a community around doing things. It gives you ideas for things you can do yourself and the motivation necessary to see them through.

There’s a lot of planned features on Checkverse’s roadmap and a lot of ideas for things that could be added to the platform. However, new features will only be added if they aid in this mission to help you accomplish the things you want to and discover new things to do. With this mission as a guide Checkverse can help you to get the most out of every day.

You’re not your dreams and aspirations, you are what you do.