Cheeziest Meme Contest

The Cheddar Farm will be hosting our inaugural Cheddar Meme Contest! Show us your meme flair and creativity. Submit your best meme of Cheddy Cheezy (Head Cheese Maker) and take a shot at having your meme nominated the Cheeziest of them all!

Contest Dates & Rules

Media Kit:

  1. All meme submissions must be posted as a tweet on Twitter with the hashtag #CheddarFarm and the official Cheddar handle @CheddarFi must be tagged in the tweet for the meme to be eligible for voting on the Cheddar Discord server.
  2. Voting for the Cheddar Meme Contest will take place in the official Cheddar Discord server in the #meme channel where the Cheddar Community Board will select the top 20 submissions from Twitter. Then the Cheddar Community will then vote with the Cheese emoji 🧀. The community will decide which meme will be crowned the cheeziest of them all. Ranking will go by the most 🧀 icons.
  3. Plagiarizing content; memes glorifying hate speech, violence and nudity; copyright infringement, etc will result in disqualification from the contest.
  4. Cheddy Cheezy(Cheddar Mascot) and Cheddar cheese should be the central theme of all memes and the NEAR community is encouraged to incorporate Cheddy creatively in their memes, without violating the aforementioned guidelines.
  5. Memes can be in video, image or GIF form. Meme templates that don’t violate the contest guidelines will be appreciated (psst: bonus points for original templates).
  6. The 10 most-voted memes will be awarded Cheddar tokens as follows:
  7. All submissions will belong to the Cheddar DAO and by joining the contest you agree to a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual license for the Cheddar DAO to reuse the content.
  8. For any queries, join the official Cheddar Telegram group and feel free to ask your questions. Our friendly Cheddar cheesemongers will be happy to assist you.


Rank 2 – 2,000 Cheddar

Rank 3 – 1,500 Cheddar

Rank 4 – 1,000 Cheddar

Rank 5 – 900 Cheddar

Rank 6 – 800 Cheddar

Rank 7 – 700 Cheddar

Rank 8 – 600 Cheddar

Rank 9 – 500 Cheddar

Rank 10 – 400 Cheddar

Join the Cheddar Discord and post your best meme to Twitter to join the contest:

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