A view from the Salesforce design team

by Arthur Che, Mia Davis, and Mary Trombley

This May, we traveled to San Antonio, Texas to attend Rosenfeld Media’s first-ever Enterprise UX conference. Since enterprise UX is our specialty, we were delighted to be one of the conference’s sponsors. We talked strategy and shared design solutions (and swag!) with UXers from companies like Microsoft, USAA, Rackspace, and Intuit. Here are some of the themes and highlights we saw throughout the week, with some notes on how they relate to our everyday work here at Salesforce.

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Our Salesforce Design booth, featuring @joeowen, @mtotheia, @SalesforceMary, and @CheDigital. Photo credit: Shannon Johnson

Evangelizing UX

Catherine Courage, SVP of Customer Experience at Citrix, shared her experiences scaling a UX team from 3 to 300 in her excellent keynote. Courage mapped the team’s growth process over time, and offered some unusual ideas for gaining support across the company. She sponsored a UX speakers series and a Design Catalysts program, which sent non-UX team members to Design Thinking courses at Stanford’s D-school. When Citrix’s facilities staff were resistant to changing office layouts for better design collaboration, she led tours of other companies’ design spaces to convince them. …


Arthur Che

Product Designer at @Dropbox. Formerly @salesforce, @BerkeleyISchool, @eeginc, and @BUPardeeSchool. I dig technology, travel, and good eats.

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