If Hillary Were a Man

A man could not have enabled Donald the way Hillary has.

At least in the 1999 film The Matrix, we have the choice of taking a red pill or a blue pill when it comes time to elect one of two options. Blue pill, we remain blissfully ignorant and continue to exist in a pretend world. Red pill provides escape from the Matrix and into the real world, living the truth of reality.

Even the conspiracy theorists among us understand The Matrix to be a work of fiction. Our 2016 election scenario and the candidacy of Donald Trump, though spectacular and breathtaking, however, is not fiction. And a blue pill is not an option. Actually, the red pill doesn’t exist, either. There’s just this rabbit hole, as promised by Morpheus, and we get to see just how deep it goes.

Trump makes this part easy on us. His lunges for headlines are a daily occurrence. If he’s not threatening a new lawsuit, he’s launching some new tirade disguised a proclamation: He’s going to kill the children of terrorists with drone strikes. He’ll physically throw out twelve million Mexicans. Then he derides and insults the handicapped while taking a break from a prolonged adolescent squabble with a beauty queen who, according to him, has put on some weight. (His daughter, meanwhile, remains most hot and totally dateable in his eyes were she not his daughter.) Or he says that, if elected, he’ll have his opponent jailed. All this by a Wednesday.

Then there was that video that likley confirmed the suspicions of many about the nature of Donald Trump. And a dark chill swept over even America’s more jaded viewers who saw and heard Donald boasting of forcing himself upon women, and the liberties his celebrity status grants him to grope at will. With impunity. There was Donald the strident, Donald the narcissist celeb drunk on power, literally unable to help himself, even admitting as much, and Bobby Bush, the celebrity handler pumping up Trump’s fragile, pathetic ego. This, America saw, is the man who would be our president, getting stroked by the nephew of a man who had actually been our president. It’s about as sad as it gets.

Yet, that video is, by now, so last September. Faded and blurred and practically forgotten somewhere in the manic news-cycle haze of our linear memory. But it underscores a bigger, more stubborn and pervasive problem than even Donald Trump and this idea of a man like him becoming our president.

No, this 2016 American election cycle isn’t about how Trump could be possible.

This election is really about our attitudes toward women.

Look at it this way. Hillary is poised to win this thing, possibly by a lot. Yet even so, pundits have Trump winning around 20 states. But what if Hillary were a man? What then? Picture some middle-aged, youngish senior white guy running against the Donald. Go ahead. Pick one. Dredge up Al Gore if you like. Then what?

We’d be talking about a presidential landslide victory on a scale of Nixon vs. McGovern in ’72 or even Reagan’s ’84 thumping of Mondale. Nixon and Reagan each carried 49 states. Here in ’16, some may even float the idea of the Dems pitching a 50–0 shut-out—51–0 if you count D.C.—if Hillary were a man.

In fact, if Hillary were a man, Trump wouldn’t even be the candidate at all. And what started as a Trump media stunt would have fizzled within weeks, the spectacle tossed aside as the farce it was intended to be.

No, if Hillary were a man, the GOP would have found her a more reputable opponent. Anyone would have sufficed, really. Maybe Mitt Romney could have been talked into making another run. Or even Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, for whom a group of undecided voters recently corralled by CNN unanimously raised their hands when asked if they’d prefer he were at the top of this year’s GOP ticket rather than Trump.

Rather than threatening to jail Clinton, though, as he did during a presidential debate, Trump should thank Hillary for enabling his candidacy to become a possibility that exceeded even his wildest dreams.

Why? Easy. It’s because women aren’t taken seriously in this country that we get someone of the ilk of Donald Trump to run against her. Someone like Donald held up as one of two viable options for becoming the next person to lead our nation.

The GOP should be ashamed.

Democrats and average Americans should be incredulous if not offended — this is the competition you put up against us? Seriously? Out of all the choices at your disposal, this is who you propose as the individual to lead us?

Women would feel insulted if it weren’t for the fact that feeling insulted is something they already have a lot of experience with, dating back to a time well before they were even allowed to vote in the U.S.

So now what? On November 8, Wolf on CNN will make the historic call at 8:01 p.m. PST, when the polls close on the West Coast. A woman will take leadership of perhaps the world’s only superpower.

Yet the disrespect women bear will continue: despite all their experience, all their education, all their accomplishments and accolades, all their World Cup titles, women in the U.S. still will not make the same buck as man for doing the same job. You’d be insulted, too, guys.

But perhaps taking the helm of leader of the free world is a start. And 2020 will provide a more civil campaign as well as a viable option on the GOP side. As for you, Donald, you shouldn’t have happened. But you did. It’s a bitter, colorless pill to swallow, I’m sure. But it’s also not fiction: A girl enabled you. And then she defeated you. Read all about it.