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This piece is a quick, non-technical introduction to domain names.

When I set out to write this article, I did not expect to write several drafts only to completely throw them away.

As I planned the outline of the article, I began to realise the depth and complexity of the topic. It was a challenge not to turn this into a technical write-up on DNS and nameservers in my attempt to elucidate the jargon and economics surrounding domain names.

So I decided to take on a consulting mindset for writing this article. I began with the question “What is the…

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I decided to write down all the advice on website building that I always give my friends and customers so that I don’t ever miss anything out. This is the first of several articles.

I’ve been making webpages since the 90s. So I think I know a thing or two about building websites.

I really ought to since I’ve already built more than a handful of websites professionally and for my business owner friends.

Every time I do so, I find that I have to explain the same things to my clients and friends — the things to watch out…

Two months ago I left the company which I co-founded 13 years back. Here are some of my takeaways after 13 years as its CTO.

But first, an introduction.

Back story

We are a company focused on education technologies that improve the pedagogical aspects of learning in schools.

Throughout our 13 years of operation, we’ve taken on work and projects of different scopes. We started with software training for adults. Back then Photoshop and its ilk from Adobe, and Dreamweaver and the Macromedia suite of applications were the must-knows for image manipulation and Web development.

Business was slow. A year or two…

In the previous article, I wrote about my attempt at improving my pitches. I left off from that piece with the promise of a formula that can improve the quality of your slide decks immediately.

The answer: storytelling.

The problem with this statement is it seems too simple, even patronizing, an answer.

From another perspective, it could be that because the answer is so simple, it is easy to dismiss.

But if you can take a moment to digest this answer, you will begin to realise that it makes sense. Notice that in any TV series, every episode tries to…

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I’m always looking for ways to improve my presentations. Oftentimes, I only get one chance to get my point across and I want to make every such opportunity count.

I had once thought that the key to well done presentations is a slick, animated slideshow with concise key points. Now I know better. What you use as the visual material is secondary to what you are saying and how you say it.

I would attribute the “how you say it” to the command and fluency of the language that you are presenting in. This has to do with the richness…

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Several months back I was addicted to Twitter. Any time I can pull out my phone, I would be checking my Twitter feed.

It’s a time waster. Prolific YouTuber Dr Derek Muller describes it as a part of the distraction economy.

I had even gone to the extent of checking for more updates when I had finished everything in my feed. What was the use of that? Is there anything to gain from all that time spent reading little messages from strangers?

Given that each message is at most 140 characters, surely Twitter’s only value is for newsy stuff right…

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