Doctors NOW answer all your health questions on LIVE VIDEO for FREE.

Doctors NOW answer all your health questions on LIVE VIDEO for FREE.

Since the advent of internet, there were many industries were disrupted, like commerce, travel, food, payments, and so on… But, very few entrepreneurs have taken on, arguably the most challenging industry to disrupt, HEALTHCARE. When it comes to Healthcare, every country is different, with different ethnicities, different models of practice, different walls to penetrate. Having said that, it was inevitable that technology would disrupt this industry as well, for the better some day, when Doctors and Patients are brought together through Technology to engage, interact, and exchange information.

We at Doctors’ Circle, have been one of the early torchbearers in our country, India, who took this monster head on, way back in 2012. Since then we always approached this problem through a different prism, in the quest to find innovative & scalable solutions. Though our solution in inaugural days was no different from many start-ups who now mushroomed, none of these solutions are scalable in nature, although they currently address concerns of few handful of users in some ways. We need solutions, which can bridge the gap for millions with the skewed doctor to patient ratios exist in this country, which can’t be changed overnight, which will take decades.

Hence, we needed a different approach/solution with a real long term view. We are passing through an information era, where everything starts with a search on Google/App Stores, this is reinforced by the fact that 1 out of every 20 queries are on health today, and growing every passing day. A well informed user would take a better healthcare decisions and is better prepared for the outcome. Hence, we decided to help these information seekers with answers from Best Specialist Doctors in the form of Videos. This was a pivot we had moved onto 18 months ago, when the video buzz was yet to take off.

Then, Why did we choose this path, why do we think this is the long term solution to the problem!

Why Doctors? — We always believed in staying the most authentic platform to our users, and the information should come from the experts on the topic, DOCTORS, who have spent decades in gaining that expertise. After all, it’s a matter of LIFE, not an e-commerce good.

Why Videos? — Text has very high chances of misinterpretation, and in videos, very complex sentences can be shown in simple gestures to the users, and have higher chances of grasp and recall. Watch our full list of videos here.

We today serve our users through “Ask Doctors” feature, where users can download the app from and post query anytime from anywhere. We will respond in the next 1hr. This has been a service which was very successful, with a very high satisfaction rates.

This didn’t stop us there, having a culture that’s collaborative and open for thoughts, anyone in the organization can come and give any suggestion, we have been fortunate to grab on to one such thought came from a colleague, that, why can’t we bring a DOCTOR LIVE for 1 hour to do a webinar, HealthCast as we call it, where Doctor can answer all patient queries LIVE. This was something very unique and bold experiment we did 6 months ago, which opened up brand new avenues for us in Product, Branding, and Business overall.

Why these HealthCasts were so successful which made our competitors also successfully embrace it!?

- Our information seekers not only can see answers to their questions, also a bunch of related issues faced by many other seekers with the same problem which he/she is facing.

- Users can post their queries in the app, twitter, youtube and facebook, and tap on to the live stream to get answers.

- Answers are sent privately for their anytime use, even though they couldn’t be present for the healthcast.

-Unlike TVs, the information seeker here has an opportunity to have a 2-way dialogue with a doctor.

We believe in continuing to make such bold experiments which help the doctor become more and more accessible, and help our users make the RIGHT DECISION. I’m very excited with the next set of things we’re currently working on, it will truly change the world and save some lives.

We believe in democratizing the health information for all. Though we’d like to spearhead this disruption by putting our heart and soul into solving this problem, we do not wish that our innovation or disruption should only be limited to us. Anyone of our contemporaries can take a cue and make it better and reach more people. We always appreciate it. But, we’d be cursing ourselves if we don’t build on this opportunity.

Our next HealthCast is happening on 7th of May at 11:30AM, in association with Manipal Hospitals, where Dr. Vasan S S, the first qualified Andrologist of India, will answer queries on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Infertility (#FightInfertility). This is a very pressing problem in today’s world, where 1 in 6 couples face infertility problems, with male and female counterparts to be equally blamed. Dr. Vasan S S of Manipal Ankur also argues that prevention and treatment should begin much before and in some cases even during teen age.

If you are fighting infertility and struggling to bring that bundle of joy in your life, download our app now, and Ask Dr. Vasan anonymously. You can watch this HealthCast in the app and watch him answer your queries as soon as the HealthCast is live.

Also, you can tweet your question with hashtag #fightinfertility to @doctorscirclein.

Please drop in your thoughts/suggestions/or anything in the comments section below or tweet me Satish K Cheekala