Everything else changed around us, but not the way we SEARCH Information, why?

I’m now 32, I’m someone who can say, has grown up with Google, so are many of you who are reading this piece I believe. Power of Information in our hands has changed the way we all lived our lives. It helped us achieve more, do more, learn more.

I’ve spent quite a few years in building search engines in the last decade, and because of this, everything in my life starts with a search on Google. As we know, Search engines are as good as the context (search keywords) you give them. If the keywords are perfect, the results are going to be close to desirable. If they aren’t, results won’t be relevant. No matter, how bad your input keywords are, if you don’t get a response you’re looking for, you’d blame it on the search engine. You always wanted search engine to know what you’re looking for, from what you’ve given, and also from what you’ve not given. Often, there is a criticism on Google that it tries to learn more about you through various means, you know what I’m talking about, such that it can put a better context around your keywords and provide you the better results.

This made me think and wonder, many things around our life has changed in the last 2 decades, The way we shop goods, The way we order food, The way we interact, The way we make friends, The way we move around the city. For eg: when I launch Uber when I’m away from home or work, and in the same city, when looking for a ride, it shows me the option of choosing Home if it’s in the night, Office if it’s a day. Perfect, isn’t it!!

But, one thing, has not changed at all, The way we discover information. The same SEARCH WINDOW, the same keywords you need to break your head to enter, the numerous iterations of changing keywords until you arrive at a desired result. That’s right, if you’re a geek, you know what keywords to put for your work related queries, you get your results instantly. But, when it comes to medical queries or any other queries which you don’t do everyday or don’t have expertise on, you miss the most important keywords to be put. For eg: a diabetic patient looking for diet plan to reduce weight, if that patient doesn’t put the most important keyword “diabetic” in his/her search query, he/she would get completely different set of results, often leads to confusion, and sometimes misery.

Rather than going down on a path of building context through spurious means, why can’t the SEARCH experience change itself to become more natural and conversational. This has been the inception point for our existence @ https://doctorscircle.in where we believed that SEARCH needs to change, it needs to be simplified, personalized, and designed to make the users discover the information better and faster.

While Google solves this with Assistant/Allo/Google Home, Facebook with M, Microsoft with Cortana, Apple with Siri, Amazon with Echo/Alexa, We Doctors’ Circle, being a small company that we’re, we got our heads together to attempt to solve this in the space of healthcare information discovery through our Personal Health Assistant, yet to name this, please suggest a good name. Our PHA provides a unique way of discovering information through a simple whatsapp kind of conversation you can have with our bot/assistant, you may otherwise would have loved to have with a doctor. Please watch this 1 minute video how this works! https://youtu.be/4iL7Q_YvE_Y

Look forward to hear your thoughts whether positive or not so positive, on what you think of “this new way of SEARCH”? Do you agree with the thought process? Are there better ways of doing it?


PS: Also, download our android app from http://drcl.in