Hi Alexa!!

It’s been a delight to have you around. I am still getting used to you though. I guess the feeling is mutual! Remind me to grab a bag of tomatoes when I go grocery shopping tomorrow. Will you?

I liked the way you read out my favorite book to me, but I was wondering how to get you to read another. Maybe you love the same books as I do! Perhaps. Will have to figure that out soon.

Well, actually did figure it out!! Wish you could recommend something from my list. I can’t seem to remember what all books I have, and believe me it’s a long list. Wish you could sense from my tone, what I might or should listen to.

While you were happily playing all the short jazz samples one after the other, I was wondering how to let you know that I wanted you to stop and play the one I really liked. Before I ask you another joke today, I would really appreciate if you could tell my 10 year old a nice bed time story. Am I asking for too much? Hmm. I need to get some of those smart lights to see how you go about that, of course. You are welcome to sit in that corner but don’t be so quite, you can utter a few words off and on and maybe we could become the best of friends…someday.

Though you did fire up while I was chatting to my brother on the phone, don’t know how and why, what prompted that! You in fact started telling a joke, of all the things! LOL!

Up for some chai?