Now that I’ve had some additional time to experiment with v2 of the GatsbyJS starter blog, I realized that there was one aspect that I absolutely had to change. You probably asking yourself, what pray tell was that burning update that he had to make? In the end I think that it’s a surprisingly simple change that will have big returns for me. It’s… the blog post folder naming structure.

Wat is he talking about?

Now before you head off into the sunset to find another post or article that you find more interesting, give me a chance to explain…

Editing Markdown in your favorite text editor can come with some issues. One in particular that I used to run in to was having a live preview of the document that I was editing. Without seeing what the rendered output looked like as I was working, I would end up doing one of the following things or something similar:

  1. Save my work, make a commit, and push that up to my repository only to discover that I got the spacing or formatting incorrect
  2. Copy and paste the whole document once I thought it was correct in to an online Markdown…

Every developer will get to a point when they’re working where they’re going to have to debug their code. Sometimes figuring out how to do that can be a significant challenge, with this in mind I made a simple React Native project that uses React Native and Redux, such that you could see how to configure the React Native Debugger.

This repo is here to explain how to setup the React Native Debugger and Redux. After starting with the basic debugging option, Chrome Developer Tools, I ended up searching around for a better option and I ended up using React…

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