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9/19/2020 3pm China standard time

so what should I write today?

so today i listened to one episode of the planet money titled “after the plague”. In this episode, they basically told the story of the Black Death plague which happened in 1340s. So the impact of the plague on the people AFTER the plague is that, workers actually gained more power through it. And they have more right. It’s because half of the population in the Europe was killed by the plague, so the number of workers decreases dramatically. So the land owners and the noble had to spend…

Today is Apr 29, 2020.

I just want to forecast what will happen in the future.

The unemployment rate is about 15–20% right now. All walks of life are stopped by the coronavirus and a cure(vaccine or drug) is not within vision.

A group of scientists are developing a vaccine and Bill Gates say the vaccine he was funding could be ready to use within a year. These are good news. They are the best scenario because normally a vaccine or drug would not be able to reach the market without a couple years. But also I saw news saying…

About Biowars

Today I read an article about bioweapons on the WSJ (👆).

It was inspired by the coronavirus and talked about the power of bioweapons with power such as the coronavirus if developed. It cited many examples of bioweapons in the histories and predicts that such events would happen in the future which is surprising but I guess true.

The thing about it, is it is really dark. Somehow it is more horrified than other machinery weapons to me somehow. Maybe because it is harder for civilians to avoid then other kings of weapons. Say machinery weapons, civilians can…


So i want to talk about minimalism. Although the common topic out there today is still coronavirus, I am so bored of it. I have been watching it since
February this year. At this time there is just nothing new.

The reason I began to think about minimalism is that I feel like I live in a
chaos. The minimalism I talk today is just material life minimalism, not mental life.

So my mom asked me to go back to China. But that will mean packing a lot of
things in my current room in the US in the luggages…

As a women, I always feel like the need to spend money. It is probably also true for men at this age. The result is, there are so many things at home which you don’t even remember owning, not to mention using.

I get really tired about it. Finally I developed my spending philosophy during the coronavirus pandemic. No, the coronavirus didn’t help me thinking of this specific strategy. It just gave me a chance to have a lot of time and finally think.

So basically the method is like this: whenever you buy something, you make sure you will…

I searched for a long time how to set up Rstudio on google cloud platform. The most popular article I got is this one:

However, you can not change the disk size of your instance using this method. The method that works for me is this one:

I followed everything he said to set up Rstudio on google cloud platform and it worked. The only thing to change is in section 2–4 where you should replace this url with the latest one in Rstudio’s website.


and then you should run

sudo gdebi rstudio-server-1.0.153-amd64.deb

as in this article, other…


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