It’s the Opportunities — They Keep Me Up At Night

In a couple weeks I’m heading down to Miami to give a speech to a bunch of incoming students that wil be entering their first semester of culinary school. I’m excited, for a number of reasons, but really, I love just getting the chance to talk to a bunch of impressionable youngsters and the opportunity to potentially help them, in their journey. Regardless of what they say, you have no clue who you are at 20.
I sure as hell could have used that help back in the day. Nevertheless, I’m here and I’m grateful for that— for everything.

(I had NO clue where this was going. Really, all I wanted to do was say thanks, and offer a free version of my e-book, today only unfortunately. Click HERE if you want it.)

This morning, I got to watch the sun come up, as I reflected on all of the blessings I have in and around my life. I’m constantly amazed. It truly doesn’t make any sense.

How did I get to be so fortunate? Why me? I got this life? Do you ever ask yourself this question?

If not, start — your life will change. Instantly.

Has everything gone as planned? Hell no. My mom got sick with cancer when I was 9. My parents divorced a few years later. My mom died when I was 14. For the next fifteen years of my life, I bounced around in some mind-fuck type of space, trying to find my way. I couldn’t find my place in the world. Growing up, everything and everyone around me said to go down this safe, fool proof path — the same path all of my peers chose and my mom too, I suppose. I couldn’t do it. It didn’t seem right. Maybe it was seeing my mom die before she really got to live her life. Her experience with death at 46 instilled in me a mentality of,

‘This is Your Life — Don’t Waste it. Don’t Fucking Blow it.’


To those people and I’m sure they know who they are, I’d ask,


Through the thick and thin of working my ass off, trying to create success in this space that is equal parts restaurant/writer/marketer I can’t help but look back at the could have been ‘easy way outs’, which I’m proud of myself for NEVER having taken. Wouldn’t that have been a waste of all the wonderful opportunities I’ve been given? I was born on this earth that, for some reason unbeknownst to me, supports life. Through all of these thousands and thousands of years, I was born in this age of smart phones, blog posts and social media — I could have been born as a mollusk, a manatee or something much less sophisticated — I was given a chance to be a person, though.

Not only was I born as a human being, I was given just about every opportunity in the world from two loving parents and a community that was safe for me and my siblings growing up. The biggest tragedy of our lives, actually turned out to be my greatest blessing — it gave me an appreciation for the opportunity I have every day. To walk around and exist to even just exist here.
Given all of that, do I not, do we not, as anyone who might be reading this — do we not have the OBLIGATION to live our biggest selves? To let go of the negativity whenever possible, and to go all in and do our best to leave everything we have on the field at the end of each day?

If you’re reading this, I think you, just like I, have too much of an opportunity to NOT make something of them.
What the hell are we waiting for?

Step up to the plate. Put yourself in the game. That involves risk, though. Regardless, you have an opportunity — it’s your choice.

So, what are you going to do with it?

That’s what I’ll be drilling home to those kids in Miami, it’s the opportunities that make life interesting, if we let them. I hope it doesn’t take them 15 years to figure it out like it did for me.
Now, I’m making up for lost time.

We get one shot here , so we might as well make it count. It might be messy, tangled and all over the place. It might not always make sense, but if you keep at it, you’ll figure it out and you’ll be glad you did. More over, you’ll be glad you didn’t mail it in front the sidelines. You always have the opportunity to do that, as well.

The choice is yours. And you get a new choice, every day. SO…

What are you going to do with it?