I just returned from 9 days in Morocco — my first time on the continent of Africa — and I learned a lot. I admittedly didn’t do as much research as I usually do prior to traveling, especially for such a different region, so for anyone else who may be venturing to the area I hope the below is a nice primer for what to expect, how to approach your trip and best ways to get the most from your time there.

The Sahara

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If you were served shame for dinner, what would it taste like?

For me, it starts with candy ham and the scent of summer. …

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barmini Head Mixologist Al Thompson viewing 360 video with his cocktail — photo by Jenny Dorsey

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have become key buzz words in entertainment, gaming, events, and even retail in the last few years. Pokemon Go and Snapchat effectively introduced AR to the mass public, allowing users to playfully augment their faces and surroundings with digital overlays. 360 video laid the foundation for VR experiences, allowing viewers with headsets an unparalleled immersion into a new environment where they could see and move in all directions.

Now, AR content can be found on everything from wine bottles to IKEA’s catalog; VR experiences are much more detailed, with rich layers of interactivity from hand controllers to gaze triggers, and a VR film has even won an Oscar. With Apple and Google both debuting augmented reality platforms (ARKit and ARCore, respectively), Facebook heavily invested in its Oculus headset and Amazon unveiling augmented shopping features, AR and VR is primed to change many parts of our everyday lives. …


Jenny Dorsey

Professional chef, writer & artist passionate about food for social good, especially with AR/VR. Find me at http://jennydorsey.co or on IG @chefjennydorsey

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