Chef Murph & Boys Cook Joseph’s House

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For Immediate Release: 30 October 2016

Chef Murph & Boys Cook Joseph’s House

Celebrity Chef Murph AKA K.T. Murphy found on Hulu, Roku, CableTV: FoodyTV, FoodistTV of Washington TWP, New Jersey. TV Chef/Host of: Children Can Cook; Cooking is a Science and Murph’s American Kitchen. His cuisine is “Global Fusion Americana” He attends most festivals involving food between Philly, NYC and Boston.

Joseph’s House of Camden NJ is a different type of shelter. Most of the people have jobs and just can’t make it. Normally due to medical issues, lost of hours. This shelter is open from 8pm — 6am daily providing a safe environment. Where they can shower, eat and sleep. The team at Josephs House helps individuals gets back on their feet. Developing a individual plan for each situation.

On this Saturday evening as they do regularly 2 twice a month on Chef’s Daddy weekends. Normally cooking a meal for your family is difficult enough for an adult but his children are 6, 13 cooking for 80–100 homeless people in 1.5 hours from scratch a 3–4 course nutritious meal. Chef introduces his children as The Master Cheese Ninja AKA Ryan Tadgh, the little red head aged 6 is in 1st Grade at Jagger Elementary School, Marlton, NJ and R. Max 13 is 8thg grade attents Marlton Middle, Marlton NJ as his right hand man. His boys are active in Church as Acolytes, Rugby and Wrestling. This Saturday night Ryan wanted to make his favorite food group PIZZA for the people of the shelter. Ryan and Max work non-stop 3–4 hours getting it done. Chef, boost “Daddy Proud” when talking about his boys stating they have: shucked corn, sliced veggies including cantaloupes, and make dough from scratch. If you are a company/ individuals wanting to support Chef Murph and the feeding of people or have him come to your events, Email:

Chef Murph is the founder of Humans for People Foundation, whose goal is to attempt to save donated food giving in yet another life at food banks. Including a founding partner of the International Hospitality Society He believes, Good food makes for better decisions. Bringing people and culture to the table, where problems can be solved. He is an Author of 50 books free on his website. Chef Murph, also act as a volunteer shelter chef cooking food monthly at homeless shelters, soup kitchens and missions around the country like Buffalo City Mission in Buffalo, NY, Joseph House Camden NJ and Veterans Multi-Service Centers, Nationwide. Most people don’t know that Chef is an American long haul Trucker with over 34+ years of experience, 5.2 million miles driving in 49 states and 3 Providences of Canada. Including an Aquaponics and Wine farmer; Highlights of his education include graduate of Escoffier International Culinary Academy in Hoffman Estates, Chicago IL, specialized in Culinary, Pastry, and World Spices and Salts, Culinary Institute of America NY, specializing in Gourmet Cooking, Top Chef University NYC, Wine Sommelier from Mediterranean Wine School, Malta EU, Child Nutrition From Stanford University, Studied Logistics: MIT/University of Napel/KAIST Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology and Hospitality and Aquaponics Engineering from Cornell University. Aquaculture; University of Hawaii /University of Virgin Islands. Soft Matter Engineering, Film and Sustainability Harvard University, BS Management Thomas A Edison University,

About The Chef:

Chef Murph is a well-known volunteer shelter chef, cooking at homeless shelters and soup kitchens around the country. His passion is for food and the feeding of people. You can get more information about his cooking by visiting his website at

Contact Details:

Author: Name: K.T. Murphy “Team Chef Murph”

Local Address: 10 Acrux Court, Sewell, NJ 08080

Phone Number: 856.668.6153



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