Pesapal with Laravel

A simplified PesaPal integration for your Laravel Application.


Via Composer

composer require jchegenye/mypesapal


Add this class to your Controller.

use App\Http\JTech\PesaPal\PesaPalIframe;

Run this vendor:publish command to publish Pesapal configuration file.

What’s inside the config file?

1. Application Environment:

| Pesapal will utilize this option to determine which
| mode your App is running, either Sandbox or Live
| Local - Means your App is running on a Sandbox Mode.
| Production - Means your App is running on a Live Mode
2. Authentication - Configuration | 'token_params' => NULL,
| 'consumer_key' => env('PESAPAL_CONSUMER_KEY','YOUR CONSUMER'),
| 'live_iframelink' =>
| 'demo_iframelink' => ''

3. Define the callback_url

| This is the full url pointing to the page the iframe redirects to after processing the order on
'callback_url' => env('PESAPAL_CALLBACK_URL',

4. Field Names

| You may wish for to select prefered form details posted by your
| App to be used by pesapal.
| You can add more `Fields` here if you wish.
| NOTE: default value = MERCHANT

'fields' => [

'amount' => 'number_format(PESAPAL_FIELD_AMOUNT, 2)', //format amount to 2 decimal places
'description' => 'PESAPAL_FIELD_DESC',
'type' => 'MERCHANT', //default value = MERCHANT
'reference' => 'PESAPAL_FIELD_REF', //unique order id of the transaction, generated by merchant
'first_name' => 'PESAPAL_FIELD_FNAME',
'last_name' => 'PESAPAL_FIELD_LNAME',
'phonenumber' => 'PESAPAL_FIELD_PHONE' //ONE of email or phonenumber is required


To return Pesapal Response use this pesapal() Method.

In-order for Pesapal to obtain an instance of the current HTTP Request add this $request variable.

See below example:


Happy Coding :-)

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