Why do we always feel we need to take the difficult path?

Recently, I came across a movie about a beautiful young woman having a successful career as a director in a big city. She is pictured as the beautiful cute naturally talented woman who is in a non committed relationship with a guy at her workplace. He offers her a gig overseas for a feature film which both of them will be working on . She feels super excited as it was her dream to film a feature movie.

Meanwhile she is offered a short film in her hometown which she is planning to shoot next month which she hates because she will have to live with her parents. On the night of leaving to her hometown to film the short movie, her boyfriend tells her that he has to leave early for New York for some paperwork and his ex-girlfriend would also be there working with them on the same gig. He assured it was no big deal working with his ex as he was with her now but she shows no signs of her feelings and says goodbye.

She feels scared but goes back to work again. After a few days, she finds out from her colleague that her boyfriend got engaged. She feels devastated and goes through lots of sleepless nights and being her strong self doesn’t cry or show any emotion and decides to move to her hometown for her short film shoot.

The short film shoot takes place in a large hotel where some conference was being held on mental health. She overhears and could not stop herself from going to the main hall and listening to the rest of the talk given by a local psychologist. She decides to visit him and discuss her sleeplessness.

The psychologist in his 40’s seems quite mature. She visits and shares with him that she is unable to sleep from the last few days. So the conversation goes like this:

She: I am not able to sleep from the last few days?

Psychologist: Did you visit a doctor?

She: Doctor, doctor as in the pill giving doctors, no I have not visited any but iI tried sleep inducing pills and they are not working which is why I am here.

Psychologist: What major changes have happened in your life in the last few days?

She: Nothing much, I just shifted temporarily from A (work location)to B (hometown).

Psychologist: So does leaving A making you feel unsettled or uncomfortable?

She: No not really, in fact I like to travel, so no settling-unsettling issue.

Psychologist: Why have you come to B(hometown)?

She: (she lied) I came here for a childhood friend, she is going through some boyfriend issues, they were planning a gig overseas where his ex-girlfriend was also going to be. He had to go early for some paperwork and after about a week , she found out that he got engaged. And now she is in a fix that whether she should just tell herself to shut up, be professional and do the job because this is what she has always wanted and go for the overseas gig with her ex-boyfriend and his now fiancee (his ex-girlfriend) or she should say ‘No’ as all that is going to be so awkward and difficult for her.

Psychologist: (sensing what she was trying to hide) You do one thing. I will tell you a story and you tell this story to your friend okay.

My grandfather was a mountain climber and before every climb he would survey all the information required and make all the necessary arrangements. He had a friend who also wanted to climb a mountain, but without any arrangements like an impromptu hike. He decided to climb the Mount Everest straight and was teamed up with a Chinese team. And the funny thing is he (my grandfathers’s friend) didn’t knew Chinese.

So they started off the hike with great enthusiasm, everything was going good and he (my grandfathers’s friend) walked way ahead of his tribe.

After reaching a certain distance he saw his team mates shouting at him waving hands. He thought they were boosting him up and kept going. Again after a certain distance he again saw his teammates shouting and waving and he thought he was going good and kept moving.

But what his teammates were actually trying to shout and wave was to warn him of the mountain lion ahead. And as he reached further he encountered the mountain lion who eventually ate him. (Obviously as not many people are available in the mountains for his appetite).

She: (making a weird face & confused) What kind of a weird story is that?

Psychologist: No no it is not a weird story.

The point is why do we always have to take the difficult path?
Why do we feel that we can’t reach our destination or prove our true worth without going through an emotionally wrecking and terrifying path Per se the difficult path?
Why don’t we take the easy path sometimes?

She now understood and smiled and said, ‘It was about me, all that I said’.

He nodded because he knew.