Theater For The New City Presents, Sleep F$@cking: Revision

In this highlight, we turn our attention to a new play debuting Off-Broadway. Theater for the New City, Crystal Field (Artistic Director) presents Sleep F$@cking: Revision as part of the Dream Up Festival (written by Margot Mejia with movement direction by Donna Perry).

Directed by Alex Gustafson, the piece explores the writer’s process, the masculine need to dominate, and the female desire to please and be pleased.
“Too often women feel controlled by men’s sexual fantasies,” explains Mejia, 26, who will also be playing Mary as part of the three member cast. Margot, who was once told while writing a short film that it would be unbelievable for a man to be heartbroken over a woman leaving him for another woman, challenges that notion with her play.

In her own words, “The erasure of bi-sexual representation in theater and film has illegitizimed the relationships that we find ourselves in. A woman being bi-sexual does not serve as an opportunity for a man to have a threesome, nor does a man being bi-sexual make him love a woman any less. I hope people can see from my play, how loving another person who is bi-sexual, and losing them, can make us question our own binary systems.”

(From Left to Right: Aaron Dalla Villa, Margot Mejia and Bianca Rutigliano)

Aaron Dalla Villa, who recently made his Off-Broadway debut in the critically-acclaimed immersive theatre project Seeing You and is currently filming the sci-fi action comedy Alpha Rift plays the obsessive writer, John, whose need to revise his own life through his writing drives the story.

Bianca Rutigliano, known for her recurring roles on Fox’s Gotham and IFC’s Benders completes the ensemble as Sarah, the other woman whose intimate escapades with Mary plague John’s thoughts constantly.

Check out the casts Mixed Signals Sketch, now on Funny Or Die (click underlined link to watch link)

Produced by Margot Mejia and Aaron Dalla Villa, Sleep F$@cking: Revision will perform August 26th at 8pm, August 29th at 6:30pm, August 31st at 9pm, September 1st at 5pm, and September 4th at 9pm

Location: Theater for the New City’s Johnson Theatre located at 155 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003. Tickets are $12 through For reservations and more information about the festival, call Theater for the New City at 212–254–1109.

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