Leveraging Go as a tool.

2 Big players

My usage of Go

  • What is the deployment target? This is where the program will be ran ultimately. For example, deploying to Android or IOS does not require Go. Deploying to Linux with Go would be ideal, because I can register my binary as a service. Using a service will ensure the binary is launched at boot and restarted if it crashes.
  • Is the program data centric? If so, I’d use Python or R. I’d pick those 2 because both languages have built-in support for managing and analysing large data sets.
  • Will it integrate with the current stack? I usually check for compatibility. Some libraries have better support for databases than others. And yes, you may bridge two applications over a network protocol, but that just opens a new set of security vulnerabilities to mitigate.




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Cheikh seck

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