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The concept of cryptocurrency is close being 10 years old with Bitcoin very much leading the charge and in it’s journey to global adoption has given rise to 1000s of cryptocurrency projects. Which is great for the market as a whole but for the average user it only serves to confuse them even more and drive them further away from getting involved in the space.

For the moment cryptocurrency is a highly technical topic with very few people fully understanding its fundamental principles let alone its actual practical application. The barrier to entry is high and for someone to want to get involved in it requires plenty of research and perhaps a little coaching from friends or family who have been through it.

All these cryptocurrency projects and exchanges only serve to overwhelm new users even more and reduces chances of them entering the market and investing in it.

So why is this the case you ask? Well, it’s due to the current system of exchanges we have. Cryptocurrency exchanges are the gateway to the market and are currently funnelling users in but exclusion rates are pretty high.

Current Problems with cryptocurrency exchanges

Further adding to the complexity is the fact that more there’s not just one way to skin this cat with various fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto exchanges available all with their own trading pairs, fees and requirements like KYC.

Users may use one exchange to turn fiat into Bitcoin or Ethereum and then another exchange to turn that cryptocurrency into an altcoin, all the while incurring losses in transaction fees along the way.

Not to mention the time it takes to transfer currency between exchanges and then perhaps to the service you would like to use or the trading pair you would like to take advantage of.

Many crypto exclusive exchanges are also extremely technical and you may be buying from a peer to peer exchange or a marketplace and have to set buying orders and it can all really become a messy process if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing and leave you with avoidable losses which have left a sour taste in many new investors mouths.

All of these things serve as barriers for new users and many of them simply do not bother to try and get over them or have pushed away users completely after losing money due to these complex processes.

What is OnePageX

OnePageX is a cryptocurrency exchange by name only when compared to those currently available. The name is short for “One Page Exchange” which is the mantra of the business and the core function they want to drive home to the user.

OnePageX wants to make cryptocurrency trading easier with simple one page set up where users can exchange various currencies with only a few clicks.

OnePageX’s simplistic homepage

How OnePageX solves current issues plaguing cryptocurrency**

The entire exchange process happens on one page. There is no need to go through a registration process and look for pairs to trade. OnePageX searches through numerous exchanges and executes the trade automatically at the best available price!

No need to register

One of the major pains of using an exchange especially when you simply want to trade for a certain altcoin is the registration process. Many times it means not just making a new account but setting up 2FA, adding additional KYC verification and making the process longer and even more painful.

When using OnePageX a user does not have to register, instead, each time a user generates a transaction their URL will add on a “session”.

Simply bookmark the page or copy and paste the link to come back to it. The addresses generated can also be used indefinitely, and you will have complete transparency since when you come back you can see the status of all your transactions!

Making it easy and pain-free! Now wouldn’t we all enjoy that?

The flexibility of exchange pairs

OnePage X currently have 150+ cryptocurrencies available for trade and growing. Also, a little bit of good news for steemians is that STEEM and SBD should be listed very soon too!

OnePageX Widget

OnePageX is not simply limited to their site and they allow site owners to host the exchange via a widget. The widget is simple to implement and can be done by simply copying and pasting the code snippet on your site!

This allows OnePageX to reach even more users and make it easier for smaller independent sites to offer an additional service that could improve their sites conversion rate. Perhaps you’re a new crypto-based game that does not accept Litecoin hosting this widget can allow your users to exchange their LTC for BTC and then load up their accounts before playing so you don’t lose out on vital income.

How long do transactions take with OnePageX?

Transactions done via OnePageX are almost instant once the deposited currency is confirmed in the wallet so as soon as the cryptocurrency is made available exchanges can be done on the fly.

Note: In order to ensure faster exchange speeds please use appropriate fees when sending Bitcoin to the site.

Application and use cases

The use cases for a simplistic crypto exchange are endless but I’ve focused on two unique cases where it would be hugely beneficial to have a service like OnePageX.

Utility tokens

Billy is a video editor and photographer who has just completed a job as at a wedding over the weekend. The couple is naturally excited to receive their photos and videos as quickly as possible. Billy has limited storage on his PC and needs to house multiple sources of data from a number of memory cards and the video camera on his PC in order to select the best ones and start cutting the video together.

He clearly needs more space on his PC, he can elect to purchase a new hard drive or external hard drive but that would take time and would he need it again? He can also purchase cloud storage from Google or Amazon but that's a monthly expense he wants to keep down. So he looks at using Sia coin’s decentralised storage service instead.

He downloads the software but now needs Sia coin to spend in order to access the temporary storage. Instead of creating an exchange account, Billy hops over to OnePageX exchanges some BTC for SIA sends it to his SIA account and accesses the temporary storage he needs at a fraction of the cost.

He completes his editing invoices the couple and makes a healthy profit!

Quick exchange to store gains

Sally is new to cryptocurrency and has purchased some BTC and ETH as a long-term hodl, as the months go by cryptocurrency rates start to pick up and she's excited. She wants to cash out but shes currently travelling and knows that there isn’t much time for her to sit on an exchange, trade her cryptocurrency for fiat and then have that fiat sent to her.

By that time she could have lost out on gains so she pulls out her Smartphone and visits OnePageX and exchanges her current BTC and ETH for USDT. She now knows that her gains are now safely stored as USD and when she's back home from travelling she can either spend that money or reinvest it.

She too walks away with a healthy profit thanks to quick thinking and OnePageX.

What I think of OnePageX

I think that OnePageX will be a welcomed addition to the current cryptocurrency sphere and will provide welcomed competition for services like Shapeshift which is one of the more popular instant exchange services which could bring down service fees. Services like OnePageX also make it easier for the average user to be able to exchange cryptocurrency for the ones they need without having to log in to an exchange and create complicated looking buying and selling orders which is the case with your current exchanges.

Providing simplicity between exchanging value between different cryptocurrencies will help drive adoption as non-technical users will not be alienated by complex systems or overwhelming user experiences. OnePageX keeps it simple and users can see exactly what they are getting out of the exchange with only a few steps in the process.

Finally, with OnePageX’s quick exchange program we could also see alt coins that would normally struggle to get volume since they are limited by the exchanges they can be listed will now be able to attract more investment as users do not have to create an account with multiple exchanges to trade anymore.

OnePageX and services like it are not only valuable to the end user and helping drive adoption but also all cryptocurrency projects as it makes it easier to move value in and out of systems where they are needed.

I look forward to OnePageX taking bigger risks and not only adding new currencies but perhaps releasing their own native wallet or partnering with popular hot wallets as their preferred instant exchange method.

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