Asia Monique

Asia Monique playing at HVAC Pub in Wrigleyville

Asia Monique, a woman with an amazing voice, began her musical career when she was a little girl. She sang in a church choir and school choir as a girl and moved on to be a vocal major in college at Saint Xavier University with a minor in journalism. By graduation she had switched to be a major in mass communications and a minor in vocal performance. She began singing background for local rap artists and eventually decided “how they do their music is completely left of how [she] wants to do [hers].” She describes her music as being a mixture of R&B, pop, and soul that adds up to being a genre called contemporary R&B. Within this genre is where she recorded her song “Heroine”. “Heroine” is a song she wrote and recorded in order to reflect love as a drug. She says, “It’s really focusing on the addiction and how addicted we are to it.” With the attention we crave from love and the feeling of needing it we are indeed addicted to love and its affects on us as people. “I’m high, I’m honest, I need it.” Love is like heroine in the way that, if taken too far, it can destroy us, and this message is portrayed beautifully the way her voice sings the lyrics it’s as if she is pulling the listener into a trance.

Asia Monique came in contact with Fun House Entertainment, whose show she played on February 16, 2017, at a Chicago Music Networking event at the end of January where she played a song off her soundcloud and the owner of Fun House, Noah Schaik, instantly fell in love with her voice. Based on her performance at HVAC Pub, it is obvious this is a woman who, unlike many artists now days, does not need vocal enhancers of any sort. Her voice is absolutely stunning and is, without question, easy to become entranced by.