A Talk with Co-stanza

Costanza playing at HVAC Pub on February 16, 2017.

As a group that varies greatly in music tastes and interests, Co-stanza is a band that will go far in their endeavors. Jack Costanza, the rapper who lends his name to the band, acquired a love for music and performing sophomore year of high school when he and his friend started rapping as a joke until Jack began playing instruments such as the ukulele and the guitar. He was later joined by long-time lover of singing jazz and R&B, Katie Teston, who began her musical career at ten years old when she decided to be a professional actress and took voice lessons to further this ambition in musical theater; little did she know, music would become her true passion along the way. Ryan Adams, the third member of the trio, was the first of the group to find his passion in music. In fifth grade, he began playing various instruments after growing up with parents who had a love for music and exposed him to music at a very young age. When asked about their music, they describe what they play as starting off as a hip hop/rap act but now they have moved into doing anything that ranges from folk and singer/songwriter to pop and alternative with rap music permeating throughout the whole set. The influence for the genres and songs they play come from Jack mostly. The ideas for new songs begin in his mind and they put it to music together based on what sounds best. As individual artists, they have each made their own way and played shows on their own, but as a band, they have been booked by Fun House Entertainment for a couple shows already and, according to the owner of Fun House, there are many more to come. They have also booked their own shows at different venues and with other promoters and as Jack says, “It’s mostly just word of mouth and knowing people who own things.” They find the smaller shows they book on their own to be more intimate than larger, more official shows. Their newest EP Sketch was released in January of 2017 and consists of songs written and recorded mostly over the course of winter break. The idea for the album began when Jack wrote a song and Ryan mixed it. They liked how that sounded so they decided to make a project out of it. The three of them worked on it together and released it as soon as they finished. Though the three of them have deep passions for their music and plan on continuing to create music together, they each have their own ambitions outside of Co-stanza. Jack and Katie are currently students at Depaul University, neither of them majoring in music. Ryan is on his way to transferring to Berkley College of Music where he will continue his passion as an audio engineering major. Jack, Katie, and Ryan all like the sounds they create and plan on continuing to make music together in the future.