The Start

The National Association of the Deaf was founded in 1880 and is a non-profit organization. The NAD started their organization for all the right reasons. They fought for their rights with a class act. The first thing the NAD fought for was the use of American Sign Language, and I could not think of a better topic for them to start on. The strategies the NAD used were visual, personal testimonies of deaf people and the horrific memories of going through speech therapy, list of their struggles, etc. The most effective way is explaining to the Government that their language is just like English. It has syntax just like any other foreign language. To the United States it was not ethical, but for the deaf people it was. The NAD thought out their plan after they got American Sign Language approved, they fought for more. Seeing the data that showed the extreme failure on the method the United States was using opened the eyes of the Government. They forced deaf people to learn speech instead of sign language but tying their hands together and forcing them to lip read. Till this day, the NAD continues to fight for the right of the deaf people and the Deaf community.

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