GoPro’s True Potential:

GoPro can succeed where Google Glass failed by keeping it simple. A Good Camera with Wifi & Voice commands capability for Hands free experience sounds really simple but it’s very useful and desired. Calls, Messages, directions, etc are excellent features that complicate the device, usage and Cost. Also, it’s a big distraction. Staying away from being creepy is a big thing in current world. The WOW factor can be achieved by keeping it simple. Simple features will motivate and entice GoPro users to easily capture their kid’s special movements. It will become a habit.

A Hero can be used to protect a Home when not put into action to capture adventures. Providing customer the options with correct tools (integration with alerts) will open new market immediately.

A Karma can be used to monitor the traffic and get heads-up on the Road ahead. Karma can also help reduce tensions between police and civilians during traffic stops. Or, A Hero can be used as a dash cam to improve safety. Home, Car, boat, etc monitoring with minimal investment can be achieved.

A Hero with GPS feature for pets can help keeping the loved ones together. Surprising number of lost people/pet will come down drastically. Change we need.