5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Chelle Coins Right Now

Chelle Corp.
Nov 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Looking to invest in real estate? Interested in the booming cryptocurrency market? The Chelle Coin (CHL) combines the best of both worlds, giving rise to an investment opportunity you can’t miss!

There are a number of massive benefits to buying Chelle Coins before your chance is over and we have five fundamental reasons why you should take advantage of this limited time prospect:

Diversify Your Portfolio

Chelle Coins allow you to invest in both commercial and residential real estate. Through the Chelle Platform, including the mobile DApp and website, anyone holding Chelle Coins can allocate his or her investments towards listed Chelle Corp. acquired properties. In doing so, you’ll create a rich diversity of your investment portfolio, hugely mitigating any potential risks. The Chelle Platform is built from the ground up to allow users to capitalize on multiple investment options, so you’re always guaranteed a diverse array of income.

Receive Customized Investment Returns

After allocating your Chelle Coins towards the real estate of your choice, investors will shortly begin to receive monthly residual returns from these properties. This residual income will be made out in Ethereum, and the amount is dependent on how much CHL you first distributed towards your chosen property options. With this, you’ll have entirely circumvented the real estate investment procedure. It’s just one simple step — no complicated paperwork, no lengthy discussions, and no waiting! The Chelle Platform has revolutionized the entire investment procedure to respect your time and patience.

Utilize Cutting-Edge Blockchain Technology

The Chelle Platform utilizes both ERC20 and ERC721 tokens for the transferring of funds, land ownership, and transactions. It’s all run on our state of the art blockchain powered real estate ecosystem, streamlining the outdated investment process for a new optimized future. The blockchain hugely benefits the real estate investing procedure, guaranteeing failproof security, instant transaction speed, and reliable operations — so you never need to worry about your money’s safety again.

Access a Versatile Cryptocurrency Exchange

Holders of CHL even have the option of exchanging any portion of their holdings into other crypto and fiat currencies. The Chelle Platform allows investors to directly convert their CHL to BTC, XRP, DASH, or USD, so you can always have your preferred choice of currency without restrictions.

Easily Manage Your Investments with the Chelle Platform

All this is possible through the Chelle Platform and our dedicated DApp. The Chelle app allows users to have full control over their finances, seamlessly at the touch of their fingers. The Dapp runs on the blockchain and provides investors the ability to diversify or focus their property investments, monitor those properties’ performances, and trade currencies — all within the Chelle Platform. It’s simplicity at its finest.

As evidenced here, investing in anything has never been faster, more accessible, and more secure than with Chelle Coin. Invest in your Chelle Coins today to secure your future in the next generation of real estate investment. Visit www.chellecoin.com for more information on how to apply.

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