Announcing the Chelle Coin Buyback Program

Chelle Corp.
Jul 9 · 1 min read

The Chelle Coin Buyback program is an opportunity for users to exchange their Chelle Coins for a variety of ERC20 tokens that Chelle Corporation has obtained throughout our partnership history. These projects include:


Global Capital Token


Winnest Coin

Lynked.World Token


Coinolix Token

Enkronos Token


Gric Coin

Each one of these projects focuses on a specific niche within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. From agricultural development to a decentralized competitor to Uber, we have many tokens available for our buyback program.

Swap users will also get the following:

$1 in Premium Allocation Tokens per 100 CHL

Eligible for Equity Split at sale as BAT’s are not eligible

1 Entry into CHL Contest per 100 CHL

All redemptions of 10,000 or more will also get 0.25 ETH plus a bonus 10 Entries into the CHL Contest


The Buyback program is only active during the month of July. Minimum 1,000 CHL to participate. More details on how to engage in the buy-back program will follow this week… stay tuned!

Chelle Corp.

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