compliments to the suffering

yearning for balance

I’m not sure whats happening to me, but its hitting me harder than a wave. Slower than a tsunami.. its as if i want a grown man to beat the shit out of me just for my inner mind to show.

Everything is so contradicting, and i’m sitting here just trying to live, not even trying to figure it out. Only because I know i wont.

I’m a hoe

I’m a prude

I’m disgusting

I’m dumber than a sack of rocks.

I’m you, I’m me

I live and exist everywhere but no where

It’s so strange how everything contradicts everyone. Some people say suffering is inevitable. That there is no purpose with out suffering. That suffering is not accounted for.

That suffering is perception. If you erase suffering you’d have no appreciation for the good things. But.. wouldn’t you appreciate everything? Wouldn’t that express the definition of enlightenment?

I asked several people.. If we loved as much as we hated could we end suffering?

Everyone so far said “yes”.

So how could such a world be so contradicting on a word

Apparently suffering invites in the struggle and pushes out the fear. But PTSD still exists. We all exist as creative creatures in such an unknown social media contaminated age.

So what is suffering exactly?

Is it perception? Is it fear of the unknown? Is it internal or external at the same time?

In the end.. we do know this:

Everyone views reality differently, everyone perceives shit differently. But we know what love is. Why can’t that be enough?

You can love someone for years and not end up heart broken. You can simply understand that there is a mutual ending. And being content because you never lost yourself.

Your loved one can die.. and your mourning would be a celebration of life and death. You wouldn’t need to suffer and struggle just simply understanding that it was there time to end.

. Perception




Its in everyone, mind over matter// Learning to live a little free

If the sentence “ Anybody can do anything they put there mind to” the shit my mom used to tell me. Can’t they do it though? So why don’t we do this? End suffering?

PERCEPTION: holds a lot . Routine, your mind is unique and everyone is so god damn special. As everyone wants to be told they are. To have that special connection.

Its simply love. Everyone wants it!

So share it!

Be it!

Spread it! as it will come back to you.

I’m 19 years old. I live in New Orleans and this is what iv been taught.