Fucked up joys

Are we here for a spiritual purpose or are we here for our own individual purpose or even just here to entertain your self and die peacefully

It was so hard to be one to be whole I felt absolutely miserable but faded it away w coke. 5:28 am learning to the beginnings of life. New life every second every minute every hour. Feels like a lifetime and no time at once. I wonder what the fuck he thinks about me. Does he hate me or am I just another fucked up. joy. Either way I relate tho u think I really don’t. I relate tho you think I can’t. Why is it so hard tho? To be. To think. To cope w our fucked up memories. Our passion is an eternity. I know you think of me. I sonder in my wallowing pits of dispare. Thinking about us. Your touch. Your lil cupcake lips. I loved you yo. That’s why it’s hurts. I’m in denial about a lot of things. Myself my identity. My wealth. But from me to you. I don’t regret it. Weather you think I’m pathetic. Just speak to me

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