The Organization of my Thoughts Around Media in Trump’s America

Let’s talk about American media. Recently Buzzfeed released a dossier that alleges Russia has compromising information on Trump. This is a 35 page report which ties Trump and Putin together for the last 5 year and for which the most shocking information has been labeled “Golden Watergate”. I shit you not. CNN has gone on record saying that this report of allegations shouldn’t have been published because none of it’s verified. But to Buzzfeed’s credit they never said that any of it was true, just allegations and this is something that’s been making its way around many high level government officials, so don’t we have a right to see it? Even their CEO doesn’t regret the decision. In any matter, this release of information has a lot of effects on media, the first being with the PEOTUS himself now refusing to take questions from certain press (aka CNN) (link is video). This could (and very well may) have the snowball effect of Trump only allowing certain media outlets into his press conferences, effectively propagandizing the information we receive. Secondly, Buzzfeed releasing this document gives conservative Americans a reason to discredit any left-leaning news organization. I mean, they already do but now they have actual evidence to point to.

How does this effect advertising? Well you’ve already experienced some of the effects with clients scaling back their budgets preparing for less spending this upcoming year. Brands are bracing themselves for conservative spending, especially those who have been left-leaning in messaging. But this also means that making any sort of political advertising will not only have polarizing effects on it’s viewers but Trump himself could respond. LL Bean does not thank him.


Senate held an overnight vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Literally, right under our noses while a full media storm was a-brewing about GOLDEN SHOWER WATERGATE (like really, are you kidding? This is all an SNL skit, right??) and there was almost no media coverage on this.

And what’s more appalling is that the voters didn’t even know!!! LIKE THEY ACTUALLY DON’T KNOW THAT “OBAMACARE” AND THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT ARE THE SAME THING!! Just goes to show that branding matters and it was easier to turn someone off Obamacare than the Affordable Care Act. And the there’s Paul Ryan explaining to a cancer survivor who could only get insured through ACA that healthcare is a privilege and not a right.

So I pose this question to whomever has the answers to solve, what do we do now?