After reading the Elevate Engagement Manifesto, I was inspired to share my own thoughts and actions for engaging with readers through not only journalism, but also design.

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A recent brainstorming session for a non-profit’s website redesign

Editor’s note: This post is a response to the Elevate Engagement Manifesto and is published here as part of Gather, a project + platform to support community-minded journalists and other engagement professionals.

Much of my career has been focused on telling stories — whether those were customer testimonials from my first job at Republic Wireless, or elevating community journalism through my roles at McClatchy Innovation and Issue NC. My mission as a designer and journalist is to not only improve the experience of reading, writing and publishing news, but to also spark conversation and share voices that aren’t always heard.

I strive to address these missions in my…


Chelsea Anne Brown

Product Designer at McClatchy, informing and empowering others through design. Former Republic Wireless, AIGA Raleigh and Issue NC.

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