From Prosite to MyPortfolio

I’ve hosted my portfolio website on Behance Prosite for about 5 years. Ever since I asked for my domain name for Christmas senior year of high school. I’d always been really happy with my site until the functionality of Prosite stopped keeping pace with the rest of Internet — no responsive templates, no high resolution images, and a lack of support.

Now, Prosite is being discontinued in June 2016 and Behance is offering another hosting site, Adobe MyPortfolio. The new site offers four responsive templates featuring large, high res images (finally!). I’ve lost of lot of CSS and HTML customization, however, with the new platform. I’m going to miss certain features from my outdated site — like the homepage header image — but here’s why I’m sticking with Adobe and Behance.

Left: Screenshot of homepage using Adobe MyPortfolio, Right: Screenshot of current homepage using Behance Prosite

Why not move to Squarespace, you ask?

Adobe MyPortfolio may not be all I want it to now, but I expect (or hope) that Adobe and Behance will put more resources into improving it and making it a competitive product.

Another pro for me is that all of my projects are already uploaded into Behance. Using Squarespace would create an extra step of uploading every single project into a new template. MyPortfolio automatically updates with Behance, so the process of adding projects is seamless.

What features am I waiting for?

Short term, I would love to see more template options. As a designer learning to code, I don’t want to have a cookie-cutter website. I’d like to use my skills to build off a template and make my site it’s own project.

Long term, I’d like to see more building blocks and sections of code I can edit and rearrange. It seems like MyPortfolio focused on the homepage first, making it difficult to format blocks of text and layout secondary pages. I’d like to see that focus grow.

Left: Screenshot of project detail page in current site using Behance Prosite, Right: Screenshot of same project detail page using Adobe MyPortfolio

What do you mean, “make my site it’s own project”?

I’ve always thought of my portfolio site as an extension of my design style and skills. I am building a career in web and editorial design, so having a portfolio site design that reflects that is very important to me.

While I want my site to look polished, I also want to treat it like a sandbox. It will never be complete — projects will be added and taken away, and my bio will be updated. And one day I’ll decide I hate the way it looks and change it completely. My site is a place where I can experiment with my personal brand and test my development skills. MyPortfolio has not given me that level of control, yet.

Hopefully, MyPortfolio’s features and functionality will grow alongside my development knowledge, so I can build a site that not only showcases my skills, but helps strengthen them as well.