Top 5 things Enterprises really need from Mobile

Thoughts from Mobile World Congress by Mike Anderson

I’m at Mobile World Congress this week and enjoying the buzz of the telecoms world as it descends on Barcelona. And there’s a lot to be excited by; Mark Zuckerberg is here again and talking about VR, there’s plenty of hype around new technologies and IoT, there are handset unveilings a-plenty. This year’s speaker line up alone means mobility is now a hot topic for everyone from Banking and Payments, Transport and Automotive, and Media; in addition to the usual suspects of course.

I’m here to meet some wonderful colleagues and friends old and new, and to ensure that at Chelsea Apps Factory we tap into and help drive leading thinking in Enterprise Mobility. Whilst there’s so much new stuff at MWC it’s important to remember what our Enterprise clients’ needs are. Here’s a recap of what I see big enterprises really needing from mobile and mobility partners in 2016.

1. “It’s not the Technology stupid!”

Enterprises are not incapable of building or technology, or hiring in experts who can, but many are fast realising that ‘purely buying technology’ fails them. The moniker “it’s what you do with it that counts” applies here. There are thousands of perfectly good technology providers, but unless they can help enterprises understand what the right technology is to build, they’ll be failing.

Our clients need partners with ‘the smarts’. Nowadays our clients work in partnership with us to define and deliver the right approach ensuring that the technology is the right technology.

2. Understanding the ‘Agile’ Enterprise

Big businesses move slowly — or that’s what wannabe disruptors would like to believe. The truth we see is that enterprises are perfectly capable of being agile and lean, working quickly, testing ideas and pivoting when they need; but again they need a partner to help ease this process, especially if it is a new way of working for them.

The enterprises we talk to want to use Agile principles but need help to embed this within their business and that means an awful lot more than just using SCRUM in software development. It means developing a true understanding of the need to become an Agile organisation and then acting as a partner through the transition.

3. Continuous Improvement

The old model of technology procurement is broken. Technology, especially Mobile investment does not start and end; it must be continual. We understand this and that’s why, for so many of our clients we deliver continuous improvement, development and innovation. Together we recognise the need to continually improve and develop mobility capability; the project will never be ‘finished’.

4. Some very quick wins

Many of the businesses I speak to understand that they have two distinct app needs: bespoke and “off the peg”. For certain activities they need to invest in their own technology and their own IP. Many businesses also understand they can drive significant efficiency savings by using plug and play style apps and in this instance they want very quick wins. At Chelsea Apps Factory we’ve developed “Ange & Gerry’s” our new app platform to serve this need — and the response we’ve had so far is extremely exciting. Enterprises who understand that they can have a real impact on their bottom line by mobilising their workforce want to do it quickly and that’s where our apps can fit in.

5. Innovation as BAU

Mobile is leading many enterprises efforts in Innovation, and now in 2016 we are seeing many Innovation 2.0 strategies take shape. Whereas a few years ago CTOs were happy to ‘dabble’, perhaps running innovation projects or departments, in 2016 the ask is firmly that Innovation be embedded into Business As Usual. At CAF we’re developing processes to help your clients do just that; and they’re seeing impressive results by embedding innovation and the ‘test and learn’ approach across what they do — it’s “Innovation As Standard”!

Being away from the office allows us all to reflect on ‘another year of Mobile’ and even though there are new technologies that our clients are yet to explore, I’m confident that Enterprises are now getting on the right track with Mobility. At CAF we’re ready to give them all the help they need.

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Originally published at on February 22, 2016.