Ring it in, ‘adults’.

This year is the year I’m ringing it in right. No drunken, bar argument over weather he was flirting back with you’re single friend or not. No being self-conscious for wearing a bra when you could totally get away with not wearing one, and 40 year old you will be mad at yourself for not taking the chance when you had it. Here’s to a year where you’ll take better care of yourself. Like take your makeup off and brush your teeth at 2am, better care. Even if brushing those teeth meant digging through your weekend bag and resisting the bed next to you. Here’s to a year of enjoying your company, and working to keep good company. Bad friends are most, and good friends are hard to come by, pick the ones who want to spend time with you. Here’s to a year of loving more fully. Not just loving the surface, or an aspect, but loving, and and wanting, and accepting the whole shit a caboodle, including the shit. Yourself also included. Here’s to the year you decide ‘adulting’ isn’t that hard. The year you’re ok with accepting the ‘musts’ in life that constitute adulthood. There may not be any requirements, but there are lines. Here’s to a year where you show up, day in and out, knowing what you’re offering this big wild world, and knowing that everyday you’re working toward delivering the best version of yourself for it. And being ok with yourself right where you are this minute. Because this minute is the most important one. Ring it in right.